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Mayor Renner's Open Houses Now Require Appointments

Oct 5, 2017

Back in office after a five-week medical leave of absence, Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner is changing the format for his Friday open houses.

Those wanting some face time with Renner during his biweekly Friday open houses will now have to make an appointment instead of just showing up. The new format begins Friday, Oct. 6.

“This change is in response to comments I’ve received from the public wanting a one-on-one opportunity to bring their questions and concerns to me,” Renner said in a statement. “If someone takes the time and care to come and talk to me directly, I want to give them my full attention. These Open Houses have always been an opportunity to promote citizen involvement in government and get problems solved in real time, and this change will serve to heighten these objectives.”

Previously, the public could show up and meet as a group with Renner in the “fish bowl” conference room at City Hall. Now those wanting to meet with Renner must sign up in advance for a 5- or 10-minute individual appointment. That can be done by calling (309) 434-2210 or emailing

Renner has declined to disclose details of his medical leave. In a TV interview, Renner hinted that stress related to his mayoral duties may have been partially to blame.

“It’s really no one thing,” Renner told WMBD's Eugene Daniel. He said he was a “Type A personality” and that “being mayor of Bloomington is not a part-time job.”

“I was certainly starting to feel it, and I needed to take a step back,” Renner said.

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