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Raunder Taxes Provide Dems With Campaign Issue

Fri, 04 Jul 2014 08:49:43 CDT
By: IPR's Tony Arnold

Illinois Democrats are making Bruce Rauner's taxes a campaign issue, but the Republican candidate for governor says the criticism is a political stunt. IPR's Tony Arnold reports.

Republican Bruce Rauner made public three years of income taxes when he filed to run for governor. Those returns showed he's very rich. This week - the Chicago Tribune reported that Rauner strategically used tax rules to his advantage. Incumbent Pat Quinn and Democrats like State Representative Barbara Flynn Currie are pouncing.Currie says Rauner should release additional tax filings, so the public can get a better picture of why Rauner pays what he does.
"I don't think anybody's suggests that Mr. Rauner is cheating on his taxes, but we do want to know what kind of loopholes he's taking advantage of."

A Rauner campaign spokesman says the candidate paid what he owed, and that Quinn's avoiding talking about his own plan to keep the state's income tax rate from going down.

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