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State Fire Marshall Warns Of Firework Dangers

Fri, 04 Jul 2014 04:09:48 CDT

Illinois is one of a small number of states to outlaw buying and selling fireworks, but it still gets its share of firework-related emergencies. The office of the state fire marshal is warning residents to stay away from fireworks if they don't have a permit.
Illinois Fire Marshal Larry Matkaitis says consumer fireworks not only cause bodily harm, but also start fires. Nearly 18-thousand fires nationwide were related to fireworks in 20-11:

"I get a lot of complaints from people that are angry at their neighbors that bring back fireworks and they set them off and all of a sudden they find them in their backyard and they're angry because they could light up a fire on their house."

Matkaitis says getting caught displaying fireworks without a permit could be grounds for arrest.

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