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Revolutionary Veteran Honored In Peoria

Thu, 03 Jul 2014 11:31:18 CDT
By: Jim Browne

Revolutionary Veteran Honored In Peoria A Fourth of July ceremony honors the sole Revolutionary War veteran buried at Peoria's historic Springdale Cemetery. Mark Matuszak is the general manager at the cemetery. He says a plaque is being dedicated to Captain Zeally Moss, who joined the rebellion in 1777 while a resident of Virginia:

"Zeally Moss is buried some other place in the cemetery, but this plaque will be dedicated on a pad that we erected in the "Soldier's Hill" part of the cemetery."

Moss was assistant quartermaster in charge of inventory and confiscation of weapons from those who viewed the revolt against Great Britain unfavorably. He later was witness to the surrender of General Cornwallis, and lived in Indiana before settling in Peoria.Mark Matuszak says the ceremony will reflect the time during which Captain Moss lived:

"It's gonna start of with the Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums, we're gonna have an honor guard, there's gonna be comments from a variety of people, we'll have a speaker from Bradley. We'll fire some muskets, and then I'll give directions to everybody in attendence of how they can reach the Zeally Moss gravesite."
Captain Moss had a $36 a month military pension, and later invested in Peoria's thriving brewing industry. His youngest daughter Lydia married Tobias Bradley, President of the First National Bank, in 1837. She went on to found the Bradley Polytechnic Institute, now Bradley University, and donated land to the Society of Saint Francis which became OSF Saint Francis Medical Center.
(picture courtesy peoriacountyillinoisinfo.org)

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