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McHistory: Stranded In Switzerland As WW I Begins

Mon, 30 Jun 2014 17:32:22 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

McHistory: Stranded In Switzerland As WW I Begins (Louise Evans and friend returning home)
This year is the 100th anniversary of the event that led to World War One, the centennial of the Serbian nationalist assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. As what was once known as the Great War began to unfold, a group of Bloomington Normal residents touring the continent had trouble leaving to get home. In this episode of McHistory we hear an account of being marooned in Switzerland as the misnamed War to End All Wars spread across Europe.

Louise Evans married a World War One Army Aviator from Bloomington. They later moved to Texas. She died in 1970. McHistory is a co-production of GLT and the McLean County Museum of History. This episode included the voices of Librarian Bill Kemp and Development Assistant Amelia Hill and was produced by GLT's Charlie Schlenker.

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