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Bird Lover Inspires 10 Minute Plays This Year

Fri, 27 Jun 2014 09:09:50 CDT
By: Judith Valente

Bird Lover Inspires 10 Minute Plays This Year The inspiration for this year's 10 Minute Play Festival at Heartland Theatre is bird lover and wildlife photographer Deanna Frautschi. Frautschi and her husband Al Bedell have sponsored the 10 Minute Plays for the last eleven years. They love theater almost as much as they love birds, and have turned their five acres south of Bloomington into an avian sanctuary. WGLT's Judy Valente took a walk with Frautschi on her land.

Frautschi often gives workshops on bird photography and identification. Her acreage outside Bloomington, which includes two-hundred-fifty trees and hundreds of plants and shrubs, has been designated a wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

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