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Peoria Readies Bid For WW II Landing Ship

Thu, 26 Jun 2014 16:18:42 CDT
By: Jim Browne

Peoria Readies Bid For WW II Landing Ship
The city of Peoria's offer to bring a WW II ship to the riverfront is being finalized. This week the city council authorized a half-million dollars to get the LST 325 from Evansville, Indiana. Another $1 million dollars is being put on the table to fund dock accommodations for the 116 meter long and 6 meter tall landing ship. Assistant Peoria City Manager Chris Setti says the ship will be a museum accessible by a floating dock. Setti says the initial half-million dollars could come from a tourism reserve fund, or through an existing Tax Increment Finance District:

"This particular location that we're looking at is within a TIF and so we could use TIF increment funds to build a dock because it would be a...public work."

Setti says the ship was not built in Evansville, but many of the landing craft did come out of Indiana. He says some were also built up the Illinois River in Seneca, where an annual Shipyard Festival in honor of the LST's or "Landing Ship, Tank," is held. Setti says he's putting the final touches on Peoria's bid to be the ship's next home, and plans on forwarding it to the LST 325 Board this week.
(image courtesy Peoria Public Radio)

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