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Integrating Mental Health Facilities At The McLean Co Jail

Tue, 24 Jun 2014 10:18:39 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Integrating Mental Health Facilities At The McLean Co Jail
A team of architects is doing a six month study on the needs for improvements at the McLean County Jail. Coupled with work by several mental health service task forces, it is likely this process will eventually result in a big request to taxpayers for the facility.

WGLT's Charlie Schlenker met with the team in a room at the Sheriff's department, where walls are covered with blueprints of the existing and aging facility, to get an early indication of the scope of a possible project.


Among the quirky pieces of conventional wisdom in jail design is that having large areas with expansive sight-lines instead of small pods tends to increase job satisfaction among jail guards, and reduce sick leave and discipline problems in jails. The architects are also waiting on decisions to be made by county policy makers on the community mental health services to be offered, which may impact the shape of a future jail addition.

(photo credit: Cyberdrive.com)


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