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Lawmakers Subpoena IL Anti-violence Director

Mon, 23 Jun 2014 16:42:52 CDT
By: AP

Illinois legislators have voted to subpoena a former state official to answer questions about a troubled anti-violence program started by Gov. Pat Quinn. A subcommittee of the Legislative Audit Commission voted today. The matter requires a signature from a co-chairman, state Rep. Frank Mautino, who wasn't at the meeting. The vote means committee members will compel Barbara Shaw to answer questions about the $55 million Neighborhood Recovery Initiative.

Shaw is the former director of an agency that was responsible for the program. Quinn announced the initiative shortly before the 2010 election. He says committee members should do what they feel is right. Auditor General William Holland has said the program was poorly managed. Shaw's attorney John Theis (TYHS') has said if Shaw is subpoenaed, she'll respond.

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