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Workman Takes The Bench

Fri, 20 Jun 2014 16:09:21 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Elected 11th circuit judges have picked a long time prosecutor in central Illinois as an Associate Judge. Bill Workman is a former Logan County State's Attorney, a several time assistant McLean County Prosecutor, a City Attorney in Springfield, a Woodford County Prosecutor, and a Logan County Public Defender. He also has been an Army lawyer over the course of his 26 year legal career. Since 2006, he has been in the McLean County State's Attorney's office. The 11th circuit includes Ford, Livingston, McLean, Logan, and Woodford Counties. Workman is a Lincoln native whose law degree comes from Southern Illinois University. Workman topped three finalist applicants for the post originally assigned to Woodford County cases.

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