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Lawmakers Working On Eavesdropping Re-do

Wed, 18 Jun 2014 16:27:12 CDT
By: IPR's Hannah Meisel

Illinois has not had a law prohibiting eavesdropping since the state's Supreme Court struck down the previous law in March. The court said it criminalized potentially innocent behavior, like recording someone in a public place. State Senator Kwame Raoul, a Democratic from Chicago, says truly private conversations ought to still be protected.

"Right now we have a gaping hole in terms of our public policy as to how we protect such conversations. There's nothing in state law that protects the invasion of such privacy."

A replacement eavesdropping law passed the Senate on the last day of the legislature's spring session, but did not get a vote in the House. Raoul says he thinks the measure has a good chance of passing during the fall veto session.

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