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UofI Employees Get Merit Raises

Tue, 17 Jun 2014 10:41:30 CDT

The University of Illinois will give merit-based raises to its employees for a third straight year. President Robert Easter announced the 2 and half percent raises in a mass e-mail this morning. The raises will be effective with the start of the new appointment year in August. U-of-I spokesman Tom Hardy says the salary program was developed with the knowledge Illinois' income tax hike might not be extended by legislators:

"If there are any kinds of recissions because of a failure to extend the income tax, then we're going to have to deal with that in the middle of the year. All units and colleges and departments and campuses have been directed to include some flexibility in contingencies in their budgets."

Hardy says the raises will cost the U of I roughly 27-point-6 million dollars. The state appropriation the U of I for the next fiscal year is the same as the current one, $663-Million. This will be the third straight year of merit-based raises at the university following two years of salary freezes.

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