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Breaking The Cycle Of Juvenile Violence Pt. 1

Wed, 11 Jun 2014 10:00:36 CDT
By: IPR's Patrick Smith

Breaking The Cycle Of Juvenile Violence Pt. 1
Here's a number that will stop you in your tracks: 86% of kids who spend time in Illinois prison end up going back. Everybody involved agrees that to fix that, we have to get kids a special kind of help when they get out - not just parole like adults get. The state's counting on a small pilot program in Cook County to lead the way. It's called "Aftercare." The name gives you an idea of all that's intended: counseling, help with school and getting off drugs. Officials are rushing to expand the pilot statewide. But after three years, there's no evidence it's working. IPR's Patrick Smith has the first of two reports.



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