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Board Of Trustees Raises Tuition, Chairman McCuskey Resigns

Fri, 06 Jun 2014 12:34:04 CDT
By: Sarah Beckman

ISU tuition is going up $7 a credit hour this fall. The Board of Trustees approved the 2.05% increase in order to maintain the integrity of and the student experience at the university. Chairman Mike McCuskey unexpetedly resigned. He says because he's getting older, he wants to try new things.


"I'm 66 this month," said McCuskey. "My dad has kidney failure at 62, died at 70. My uncle died in his 60's. All of the sudden you start thinking, you know you don't last forever. So go out on top."

McCuskey served on the board for ten years and was a key player in the hiring and resignation of former-president Timothy Flanagan. He also resigned from his federal judge position in Champaign on May 30.

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