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Petition Drive For Redistricting Initiative Denied Ballot Access

Thu, 05 Jun 2014 16:14:14 CDT
By: Judith Valente

The State Board of Elections says a petition drive to change the way Illinois draws its legislative maps did not have enough signatures to place the question on the November ballot. But supporters of the initiative to establish an independent commission for determining legislative districts, say they aren't giving up. Glen Ludwig, the McLean County chair of "Yes for Independent Maps," says he is working to establish the validity of local signatures that have been challenged.

"Just this morning, I picked up a gentleman here in Bloomingtonwho signed a petition last November. I had to take an affadavit to him for him to fill out to indicate the particular signature was indeed his and he had to sign that affadavit and have it notarized."

After a random sampling of 25,000 signatures, the elections board determined that about half the 500,000 signatures collected statewide could not be validated. About 7,000 signatures were collected in McLean County. Ludwig says he hasn't been able to determine how many of them are under challenge.

Despite pleas for more time, elections officials have given the supporters of Independent Maps until Friday to demonstrate that a majority of the challenged signatures are valid. Proponents have asked for an additional week to sort out the challenges, but Ludwig says it's unlikely the elections board will grant the extension.

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