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Durbin: No US Troops In Syria

Mon, 02 Jun 2014 09:58:41 CDT
By: Willis Kern

Illinois' senior senator says the U.S. should tread lightly when figuring out what role it plays in Syria's civil war. Democrat Dick Durbin recently told GLT he's against putting US troops in the war-torn Middle Eastern nation, which he described as "a mess."


"Bashar Assad, a terrible dictator who should go, is now being challenged by hundreds if not thousands of these militias, some of them are neighborhood militia. Picking out the good guys and bad guys in Syria is not an easy task."

Despite a civil war which has claimed more than 160,000 lives, Assad is expected to handily win a third seven-year term during tomorrow's presidential elections. Durbin says lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan guide his thinking on deploying US troops overseas.

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