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GOP Lawmakers Spearheading Reagan Statue For IL Capitol

Wed, 28 May 2014 14:24:41 CDT

GOP Lawmakers Spearheading Reagan Statue For IL Capitol
Some area lawmakers are working to make sure a former President of the United States is recognized at the Illinois Capitol. State Senators Darin LaHood of Dunlap, Jason Barickman of Bloomington, Tim Bivins of Dixon and John Sullivan of Rushville are asking the Architect of the Capitol to allow for the creation of a Ronald Reagan statue at the site.

Reagan was born and raised in Illinois and finished his education at Eureka College. Senator LaHood says a memorial to Reagan at the Capitol is long overdue.


"When you're at the state Capitol and you see all of the statues that are there and all of the distinguished people that came from Illinois and the fact that we don't have one for Ronald Reagan…and I should also mention we have one in the U.S. Capitol for Ronald Reagan and we don't have one here. And I don't think there's been any really good reason given why we haven't had it except for maybe no one has asked.

LaHood says the request for a Reagan statue at the Capitol coincides with the 10th anniversary of the President's death on June 5th. Area senators, the Ronald Reagan Society at Eureka College as well as Dixon, Illinois where Reagan was born are working together to raise about $200,000 for the effort.

No taxpayer money will be requested for the memorial. Anyone wishing to donate for the Reagan statue should contact LaHood's Springfield office.


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