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Bloomington Expands Enterprise Zone

Wed, 28 May 2014 10:23:27 CDT
By: Sarah Beckman

Bloomington Expands Enterprise Zone Bloomington City Council members are expanding an enterprise zone to include property of the Central Illinois Regional Airport. Fed Ex will invest 5 million dollars on a facility on land owned by CIRA and bring in 30 jobs to the area. Some council members questioned if Fed Ex's decision to invest was based on the decision of an enterprise zone. Economic Development Council vice president, Ken Springer, says the enterprise zone is not just designed to benefit CIRA and Fed Ex.

"We've used CIRA as a very powerful asset that our community has and we think that further development in and around CIRA will only enhance that asset and make our community more desirable and so therefore we see this as a long term strategic play for the community the FED EX piece is just that, it's just a piece."

Springer also says the city needs to make decisions on enterprise zones because the state will stop providing them in July 2016. At that time, cities will have to compete against each other to reapply for enterprise zones.

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