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Peoria Mulls Bid For WWII Era Ship

Wed, 28 May 2014 08:24:01 CDT
By: AP

Peoria Mulls Bid For WWII Era Ship Peoria City leaders are trying to bring a World War II-era US Navy vessel to the city's waterfront as a tourist attraction, but not everyone is sold on the idea. The Peoria City Council is putting off a proposal to move the landing craft LST 325 to Peoria. The Council will now consider the initiative late next month. The ship is now docked in Evansville, Indiana, but the board that oversees the ship could move it when a contract with that city expires next year. Assistant Peoria city manager Chris Setti believes it might be worth the $1.5 million required to build a dock in Peoria, but Councilwoman Beth Akeson believes that money would be better spent trying to improve life for people who live in the city.
(picture; warhistoryonline.com)

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