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GOP Congressman Fights Food Mandates

Tue, 27 May 2014 05:54:45 CDT
By: WGLT Washington Correspondent Hannah Gutmann

GOP Congressman Fights Food Mandates First Lady Michelle Obama is taking on legislation sponsored by Central Illinois Republican Rodney Davis to give school districts more flexibility in what they offer kids for lunch at school. WGLT Washington correspondent Hanna Gutmann reports from Washington:

Congressman Davis says he's gotten numerous complaints from central Illinois school districts who want flexibility on nutrition standards imposed on the school lunch program two years ago:
"I'm not here to pick a fight.....with Michelle Obama, I'm here to let them know there are schools districts and school children that are screaming for relief out in .....middle America."
Davis says the healthy foods mandate is breaking school district budgets and producing more waste since kids are trashing the food.
"I would encourage Michelle Obama to do the same, and have the White House follow the exact same guidelines for their cafeteria, and for state dinners. We need to show the policy makers in Washington that some decisions made out here in concrete buildings when ya put them in place, the don't make too much sense."
So far, this food fight has been a draw, with Davis' legislation approved by a Republican majority house committee, but rejected by a Democratic majority Senate committee.

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