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ISU's Dietz Travels To DC For Higher Education Support

Wed, 21 May 2014 17:08:12 CDT
By: WGLT Washington Correspondent Hanna Gutmann

ISU's Dietz Travels To DC For Higher Education Support
New ISU President Larry Dietz is in Washington DC, to lobby for support of higher education. WGLT's Washington Correspondent Hanna Gutmann reports.

Dr. Dietz met with the Illinois Congressional delegation and ISU Alumni. He urged Congress to support the reauthorizatioin of the Higher Education Act, and he offered to supply data for their debate. He also emphasized that maintaining federal support for university research and student aid is necessary.

"Student aid is critical. Well over 80% receive some kind of funding. We're very fortunate at Illinois State. About a third of our students graduate with no debt at all."

With state support providing merely 18% of ISU's budget, Dietz says the school is dependent on tuition and financial aid.

"I don't know that there's any place where it would be reasonable to think that costs won't go up because we're all impacted by inflation rates. The critical piece is that they go up more close to the inflation rates versus double-digit.

Dietz says financial aid is vital for needy and middle class students.


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