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First-Ever David Foster Wallace Conference At ISU This Weekend

Wed, 21 May 2014 15:13:04 CDT
By: Sarah Beckman

First-Ever David Foster Wallace Conference At ISU This Weekend
Nearly six years ago, author and former Illinois State University English Professor David Foster Wallace passed away, but his influence on the writing world is still apparent. For the first time ever, ISU is hosting a David Foster Wallace Conference. Critics have called Wallace one of the most influential writers of the last 20 years. This weekend, 125 writers from across the world will come to Normal's Uptown Marriott and the ISU campus to showcase their work and hear from 85 panelists. Coordinator of the event, Jane Carman, says Wallace's influence on the English department can still be seen today.


"I think that he has a continuing influence here because if you go to the English department and look at what people are doing over there, a lot of the things people are doing are highly innovative, especially in the creative writing department. So I think it's a continuation of that, but it's bringing it more to the public eye than it has been."

People can come to a free event Thursday night to hear from close friends, former colleagues and students of Wallace. Writing workshops will also be open to the public on Saturday in Stevenson Hall.

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