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Congressman Davis And IPA Clash

Thu, 15 May 2014 15:09:14 CDT
By: Sarah Beckman

Immigration is not only a hot issue in Washington, but also in Central Illinois. Farmers in the region are saying that if immigration reform doesn't happen soon, there could be higher food prices and fewer farms in the future. Republican Congressman Rodney Davis says he's been approached by numerous groups to change his opinion on immigration, one of them being Illinois People's Action during a stop in Heyworth.

"I will not stand for bullying tactics on this issue or any issue in Washington, D.C. and that's why I am going to continue in the face of those tactics to try and find progress in this issue and so many others because that's what the majority of constituents in this district want us to do."

Davis says the pathway to citizenship is the naturalization process. Illinois People's Action says that avenue currently takes four decades which is unacceptable. IPA calls for a way for 11 million undocumented immigrants to become legal quickly. Davis says he wants to reform the broken immigration system, but wants to talk to activists in an organized setting. A comprehensive immigration bill passed the U.S. Senate a year ago, but has stalled in the House.

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