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Sunday Car Sale Ban Questioned

Tue, 13 May 2014 04:15:06 CDT
By: IPR's Brian Mackey

Illinois has long made it illegal to buy a car on Sundays. A state senator wants to change that. But as IPR's Brian Mackey reports, he's facing long odds:

When Sen. Jim Oberweis, from Sugar Grove, learned it was against the law for a car dealer to be open on Sunday, his Republican instincts kicked in.
"Being a business guy, I thought that I would be the hero of the automobile industry by getting this over-reaching government off the backs of car sales."

There's just one problem with that.
"As far as we can tell, nobody from our industry is pushing for this."

Joe McMahon represents about 750 automobile dealers across Illinois.
"All the salespeople, mechanics, dealerships enjoy the law the way it is right now."

The dealers say it would be difficult to check buyers' credit history and line up financing on Sundays. Oberweis counters that dealers somehow get by in the 32 states that do allow Sunday sales. He says in order to get the legislation passed, though, he thinks he'll need Democrats to join his effort. With zero co-sponsors so far, it seems car dealers will continue enjoying their Sundays off.

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