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Area Mayors Ask Governor To Rethink Clinton Landfill Expansion

Thu, 08 May 2014 10:46:45 CDT
By: AP

Central Illinois mayors are urging Governor Pat Quinn to intervene in a plan to dispose of toxic waste at a landfill above an aquifer that supplies water to more than half a million people. The company that owns the Clinton Landfill wants to store PCB's at the site, and says a liner would protect the aquifer. The plan needs environmental approval. Normal Mayor Chris Koos was among those who met Quinn to discuss fears of contamination. He says when DeWitt County approved the landfill location in 2002, board members didn't know it could eventually store carcninogeons. The mayors want to redo the permitting process, and Koos says he's certain it wouldn't pass now. Quinn's office says it's reviewing options.

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