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Women Accused Of Social Security Fraud

Mon, 28 Apr 2014 06:52:12 CDT
By: AP

Federal grand jurors have indicted three southwestern Illinois women on charges they defrauded the Social Security Department of tens of thousands of dollars in benefits. 38year-old Lashonda Russell of Cahokia is accused of receiving more than $50,000 in supplemental Social Security income from September 2006 until March of last year. 33year-old Amber Adams of Fayetteville is alleged to have wrongly received more than $9,000 in benefits from March 2008 until August 2012. 28year-old Tara Johndrow is accused of pocketing $14,500 in fraudulent government benefits over a two-year period through August 2012. Each is charged with felony theft of government funds.

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