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Gov Says He's Always Liked Term Limits

Mon, 28 Apr 2014 04:27:31 CDT

Gov Says He's Always Liked Term Limits Governor Pat Quinn says a constitutional amendment enacting term limits is not a new concept, and he hopes to see one this year. Quinn says he's no stranger to the issue of term limits in Illinois. During a campaign stop in Marion, Quinn pointed out he was in southern Illinois 20 years ago promoting that idea for statewide office holders and lawmakers:

"I believe in term limits, and I really hope the constitutional amendment to establish term limits gets on the ballot for this election. I've been in that vineyard for a long time and I know that some people are recent rivals there. I believe in term limits. Always have."

When it comes to bills limiting terms in Springfield, Quinn Spokesman Dave Blanchette says the governor will wait to see legislation on his desk before he takes a stance on proposals being floated in the General Assembly.

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