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Springfield Prepares For Lincoln Anniversary

Fri, 25 Apr 2014 14:03:15 CDT
By: IPR's Lee Strubinger

Springfield Prepares For Lincoln Anniversary Organizers are getting ready for next year's anniversary reenactment of Abraham Lincoln's funeral. The Coalition has received a gift from the City of Springfield - four resolutions the city adopted for the funeral in April of 1865. The ordinances included money to help offset funeral costs, land at Oak Ridge Cemetery for the burial site, and permits for local food vendors. Springfield Deputy City Clerk Rianne Hawkins, a self-proclaimed history buff, says she found the documents in the city vault:

"Being in city government you know that there are processes that the council has to take. And I naturally assumed that the council took some of those actions when a big event like the funeral was gonna happen. So, like I said, I was just poking around to see if we had anything and it turns out we did."

Copies of the ordinances were digitized and presented to the Lincoln Funeral Coalition. Re-enactments and events around the 150th anniversary of Lincolnís funeral are set for April 20-15 in Springfield.

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