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Internet Players Gamble With Addiction

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:16:01 CDT
By: Laura Kennedy

Internet Players Gamble With Addiction Online gambling is now legal in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. Other states may soon follow, including California, Texas and possibly, Illinois. John Cullerton, Illinois Senate President, has been pushing for legalizing internet gambling in Illinois citing the much-needed revenue it could bring the state. The issue is currently stalled as legislators focus on land-based casino expansion. Cullerton notes that internet gambling brings a lot of complications to the table regarding how it effects the existing gaming industry. As for the players who use internet gambling, the potential stakes can be even higher. The online rush can be powerfully addicting. Laura Kennedy has more.

One of the more common strategies used by online casinos to get players interested in internet gambling is to offer a "free to play" version of their games. This fun, and easy to win, version makes new players feel comfortable with online gambling, eventually making it easier for the players to transition to placing actual bets with real money.

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