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Gas Station Operators Lobby Against Gas Tax Hike

Tue, 15 Apr 2014 08:27:50 CDT

A coalition of Illinois gas station owners say they're wary of a plan to increase motor fuel taxes, they say it would cause too much pain at the pump. Engineers, the state Chamber of Commerce, and local mass transit agencies have a strategy to shore up the state's deteriorating highway network and other infrastucuture needs: a strategy that includes raising Illinois' tax on gas, which hasn,t seen an increase in 24 years.
For now, it,s just a plan; no state lawmaker has committed to supporting that propopsal. Still, petroleum distributers are coming out against it. Carl Adams, president of Illinois Ayers Oil Company, says he'd lose business. Adams is based in Quincy, on the border of Illinois, Missouri and Iowa. He says Illinois already has a higher gasoline tax than its neighbors:

"People when they go to Missouri to buy their gasoline, they buy their cigarettes, they buy their candy, they buy their soda, they buy their beer, they buy their lottery at the same time. Those are all lost revenues for Illinois retailers and the state of Illinois."

Advocates for increasing the gas tax say businesses, including gas stations, depend on a reliable highway system.

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