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Bloomington Looking At Problems Under Streets

Mon, 14 Apr 2014 11:16:24 CDT
By: Jim Browne

It's easier to keep track of smooth roads that potholed ones in central Illinois after this past winter. While the state this week announced it's giving the city of Bloomington $325,000 for roadwork, that will take care of only a block or two. Bloomington Public Works Director Jim Karch says his department isn't just looking at surface damage, but the condition of what lies below:

"We're really trying to have a 20 year outlook at it. So that, if we're going to do a repair to the street we want to just go in look at the sewers, look at the storm sewers, the sanitary sewers, what's the water main condition, how are the hydrants, the street signs? We're trying to point where if we go down a block, we don't have to be back for 20 years."

Karch says there are over 80 miles of pipes running under Bloomington's streets that date back to the 19th century. He says it drives him nuts to see crews do street repairs only to have them undermined by collapsing pipes beneath the road.

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