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Rust Tromps On Rumors Again

Thu, 10 Apr 2014 17:44:30 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Rust Tromps On Rumors Again State Farm Insurance CEO Ed Rust Junior is tacitly acknowledging the company could have handled its announcement of new hubs in the south and west a little better. There has been widespread community concern about State Farm's plans for Bloomington Normal. Rust has tried to calm fears several times in the last year and is doing so again at an Illinois Wesleyan University appearance.

Rust says State Farm failed to specifically say Bloomington will remain the mother hub of the company when it was announcing its strategic repositioning. He says State Farm will continue to have the same level of employee base in the community.

Rust also repeated a joke he told about a year ago at a Chamber of Commerce appearance saying that if he had a dollar for every incorrect rumor he has heard, the state budget problem would be over. Rust says there are no major employment implications from the shift.

Rust says when State Farm was announcing major new developments in Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix the company failed to specifically say Bloomington Normal will remain the "mother hub" He says the new construction is part of adapting so the organization can continue to grow. Rust says he hopes to put the rumors to rest.

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