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Chi Mayor, IL Gov At Odds Over Pensions

Tue, 08 Apr 2014 10:09:10 CDT

Governor Pat Quinn is blasting a plan to ease Chicago's pension crisis with a property tax hike. Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to pour more money into the drastically under-funded pensions for city laborers and municipal workers. Part of his plan involves raising Chicago property taxes by 50-million dollars a year, for the next five years. The governor doesn't seem too enthused:

they think they're just gonna gouge property tax payers, no can do. We're not gonna go that way."

Governor Quinn and state lawmakers - many of whom are up for re-election - must approve the mayor's proposal, But first:

"I think they need to be a whole lot more creative than Iíve seen so far."

Earlier, Mayor Emanuel told reporters he's optimistic the governor will come around:

"When we're done with the bill, uh, I think he sees how important getting pension reform is to the 60-thousand workers who require it."

The pension plan would also scale back benefits for city workers.

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