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Dems Derail Term Limits Measure

Mon, 07 Apr 2014 04:16:48 CDT

Even as workers are gathering signatures to get a term limits question on the November ballot via citizens' initiative, lawmakers turned down the opportunity to do the same. Voters get the final say in whether Illinois' constitution should be amended or not. And they may well have that opportunity come fall. But there are two ways to get to that point, supermajorities in both chambers of the General Assembly can vote for a constitutional amendment question. Or hundreds of thousands of voters can sign a petition. A campaign funded by Republican nominee for governor Bruce Rauner is reportedly well on the way to collecting the signatures needed to get a term limits question on the ballot. Not so with Republican Senator Darin LaHood's attempt to go the other route:

"If you look at Ohio, Michigan and Missouri, in terms of reaching balanced budgets, in terms of turning around their fiscal situation, I think the evidence supports the fact that having new blood has been successful."

The measure had been shunted to a three-man committee, where Harmon and a fellow Democrat succeeded in blocking the proposal.

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