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Dem Candidates Tee Off On Ryan Budget

Fri, 04 Apr 2014 16:11:16 CDT
By: IPR/Charlie Schlenker

Spending plans put out by Republican House Budget Chair Paul Ryan are again a popular thing for Democrats to run against. Judge Ann Callis who is running for Congress against incubment GOP Representative Rodney Davis plans a Saturday appearance in Bloomington highlighting the claimed draconian nature of the Ryan budget. Southern Illinois Congressman Bill Enyart is blasting the plan as well. Enyart says the proposal would kill Medicare, and in turn raise healthcare costs for seniors and future retirees. He says Ryanís budget creates a voucher program - something he adamantly opposes.

"Our seniors don't need a healthcare coupon, they need healthcare. They need the ability to choose their own doctors, to have the prescription drug program, to save the billions of dollars that that program saves, and they need to have that donut hole closed. "

Enyart also says seniors need access to wellness visits that save taxpayer money. Enyart says budgets have been cut - and the nationís deficit reduced. He says the way to bring revenues back into the budget is by building the economy, not cutting services.

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