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Plan To Change Tax System Advances In Springfield

Fri, 04 Apr 2014 04:23:07 CDT

After a recent stumble, advocates for a graduated income tax, where the more you earn the more you pay, are making gains in the Illinois General Assembly. A Senate panel yesterday passed it out of committee.
That plan appears to be gaining some support in the House, even after a different version of a graduated tax was nixed last week by a House panel. Still opponents are pushing back. They say the proposal is bad for the state's business climate. Todd Maisch, with the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, points to Illinois' high unemployment rate. He takes a trickle-down approach, saying individuals and small businesses in a position to create jobs would be taxed out of the market:

"The flat tax is the fair tax and a progressive income tax is bad for the economy because it's bad for the job creators and eventually the people of Illinois."

But advocates of a graduated tax say it would give most Illinoisans a break from their current income tax bills.

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