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Chicago Mayor Wants Answers From BP

Thu, 27 Mar 2014 10:08:29 CDT

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants answers about an oil spill into Lake Michigan from a refinery in Indiana. Oil giant B-P has been in Emanuel's crosshairs a lot lately. A few months ago, the mayor took issue with the company pushing tons of a byproduct called pet coke from its nearby Whiting, Indiana refinery to a site on Chicago's southeast side. Now, the mayor wants to know what caused a spill of about 12 barrels of crude oil into Lake Michigan from the same refinery earlier this week:

"I expect a full accounting to the public and the city of Chicago of the damage that was done, how much, what the clean up efforts were, how comprehensive they have been and what actions the company will take to ensure this doesn't happen again."

Emanuel notes pollution of the lake is a potential threat to the city's drinking water. The U.S. EPA says, though, that the spill poses no threat to region's supply of drinking water. BP officials say the leak was confined to a cove next to the refinery where a clean up continues.

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