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Mattoon Repblican Dale Righter Says Gov Wrong

Thu, 27 Mar 2014 07:05:01 CDT

After long predicicting Democrats would try to make the 20-11 income tax hike permanent ... it's no surprise Republicans were not pleased when Governor Pat Quinn did just that yesterday. Senator Dale Righter, a Republican from Mattoon, says Quinn isn't willing to do the work of identifying "wasteful spending.":

"The governor's wrong. The governor isn't interested in walking through his departments and through his agencies and whittling away at money ... He's more interested in making the argument that if there's not another massive tax increase that school children will be thrown into mobile homes and people will be dying in the streets ... It's an argument of hysteria."

This continues a criticism Righter and other Senate Republicans have been making for some time. Things got heated at a hearing last week when eight state agency heads predicted doom in the face of massive budget cuts -- but Righter called that political theater.

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