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Medical Cannabis Adjustment Clears IL Sen Panel

Tue, 25 Mar 2014 15:40:27 CDT
By: AP

Legislation that would allow minors and those with epilepsy to use medical cannabis in Illinois is one step closer to law. A Senate committee passed the proposal without opposition. State Sen. Iris Martinez is sponsoring the measure. The Democrat from Chicago says using medical marijuana improves the quality of life for minors suffering from epilepsy. Supporters say consuming oil from the marijuana plant reduces seizures and doesn't get children high. They say traditional epilepsy medicines are addictive and leave children feeling ``stoned.'' Opponents say they're against any measure legalizing marijuana use because it violates federal law. They also say legalizing marijuana for minors contradicts drug prevention programs. The measure amending Illinois' four-year medical cannabis pilot program now moves to the Senate floor.

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