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Dillard Quits Politics, Has Advice For GOP

Wed, 19 Mar 2014 10:59:42 CDT

Dillard Quits Politics, Has Advice For GOP Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard says he'll finish out his term but won't run for public office again. Dillard beat expectations but still came up a little short in the Republican primary race for governor yesterday. Uber wealthy businessman Bruce Rauner won the nod but sunk 6 million dollars of his own money into the race. Dillard laments the role money played in the election, and has some advice for the Illinois Republican party that carries some inherent criticisms of their candidate for governor:

"We need to broaden our base. We're the minority. You can't demonize teachers and working people and expect to ever be the majority party in this state, nor should you ever hope to govern that way. This is a state that is built by working people and it's a state that is very diverse and the republican party needs to take some lessons about broadening their base, not shrinking it."

Dillard was tepid in his support of Rauner saying he would talk to Bruce.

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