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Bloomington Council Balks At Sales Tax Hike For Soccer Field

Tue, 18 Mar 2014 07:27:19 CDT
By: Jim Browne

Bloomington aldermen are balking at implementing a quarter cent sales tax to pay for a soccer field while streets are collapsing. Proponents of the tax to build a soccer complex and community center made their argument before council members last night for the $13-Million project. Aldermen were cool to the idea, saying it's a matter of priorities. Bloomington residents will likely be paying higher utility bills already, something one councilmember pointed out to the group. Members Citizens Advocating for Area Youth say they plan on making a pitch to the town of Normal too. During the council's meeting as a whole the topic of term limits was also discussed. Councilman Judy Stearns says it should be up to voters, and a referendum is the way to decide the issue. The issue was introduced by the city's longest serving current councilman, Jim Fruin, who says constituents asked him why there were limits for members of city board, but not council members.

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