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Report Shows Job Growth In Peoria

Fri, 14 Mar 2014 10:42:34 CDT
By: Jim Browne

Report Shows Job Growth In Peoria The new SCOPE report on the Peoria Metro area economy shows more jobs in 2014. Bernard Goitein of Bradley University puts the report together. It covers Marshall, Woodford, and Tazewell Counties in addition to Peoria County. The report shows fewer new unemployment claims, and a job opening index that's 14.3% above one year ago. Goitein says that means more jobs are available:

"New unemployment claims 16.0% below it's year ealier levels. So, fewer people losing their jobs, getting laid off, the search for more poeple, so I think we're be looking at some increase in jobs as we head into 2014 and as employers look to meet anticipated demand."

Goitein says job postings went up almost 21% from the final quarter of 2013. Building permits fell by a whopping 28% from year ago levels, but Goitein says there's something else at play too:

"Have to factor in the impact of the recent tornado. People are starting doing some serious repairs there, and obviously that'll start affecting construction employment."

The SCOPE report also shows the number of homes sold in the fourth quarter pretty much the same as one year ago.

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