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13th Congressional District Candidate Interviews

Thu, 13 Mar 2014 17:45:06 CDT
By: GLT and IPR News Staff



In May of last year, Ann Callis abruptly stepped down as Madison County's chief circuit judge after serving 18 years on the bench. The Democrat said it was time to use her experience to help people in new ways, and announced her candidacy for Illinois' 13th Congressional District. She entered what became a crowded field for the office, facing two other Democrats and three Republicans, including incumbent Rodney Davis. The 49-year old Callis told IPR's Jeff Bossert her time as a judge gives her a unique perspective on issues that Congress takes on daily.

IPR's Jeff Bossert speaking with Ann Callis, the former Madison County judge who's seeking the Democratic nomination for Illinois' 13th Congressional District.


     One of the Democratic Candidates for Congress says his party should not agree to get mugged by Republicans just to forge compromise. WGLT's Charlie Schlenker has more with George Gollin, a Champaign Urbana resident and U of I Professor the nomination in the primary race for the House seat in Illinois's 13th District...


     One of the three Democrats running for Congress in the 13th district wants to upend the current structure of the nation's economy. WGLT's Charlie Schlenker explores the positions of David Green, one of the people hoping to take on the Republican nominee in the General election this fall....

The Republican Candidates in the March 18th Primary in the 13th district are incumbent Representative Rodney Davis, Attorney Erika Harold, and Veterinarian Mike Firsching.



     Student loan debt, ethanol volume requirements in fuel, voting for food stamp cuts while doing a photo op at a food pantry, and the budget deal in Washington are all topics for this interview with the Congressman for the 13th District of Illinois. WGLT's Charlie Schlenker talks with U.S. Representative Rodney Davis...


HAROLD, Part 1

According to the Weekly Standard, the most interesting House primary of the 2014 cycle began in June in the 13th District of Illinois -- and that includes part of Bloomington Normal. It pits freshman Republican congressman Rodney Davis against an insurgent candidate. Davis is a political operative who won the seat last November. His opponent is a 33-year-old lawyer, who happens to have been Miss America. GLT's Charlie Schlenker talks Erika Harold about Congressional deadlock, the Farm Bill and the Affordable Care Act.


Part 2

Harold will face incumbent republican Rodney Davis the Primary Election, March 18th.


A veterinarian from Illinois' Metro East area is making a third primary bid for Congress. Four years ago, Republican Michael Firsching lost to Congressman John Shimkus in the old 19th District, and he was defeated in 2012 by former 13th District Congressman Tim Johnson of Urbana. This year, Firsching is in a field of six candidates, three from each major party, including 13th District Republican incumbent Rodney Davis. IPR's Jeff Bossert spoke with Firsching on his top priorities in this bid for office. The Republican from Moro says if elected, he would start with ending the Federal Reserve, and making sure Congress is balancing its budget:

That's Michael Firsching of Moro, a candidate for Illinois' 13th Congressional District, speaking with IPR's Jeff Bossert. Firsching faces incumbent Rodney Davis and Urbana Attorney Erika Harold in the race for the GOP nomination. The primary is March 18th.   

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