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Bill Brady Says Audit Will Help Him Win Gov Race

Wed, 12 Mar 2014 07:01:59 CDT

Bloomington Republican Bill Brady lost the election for Illinois Governor four years ago, but believes the findings of an audit can help him defeat Democratic Incumbent Pat Quinn this year. The Audit Brady refers to found problems with manamgment of Millions of dollars in state grants promised to anti-violence groups in Chicago in the weeks before the November 2010 election. Brady calls the program a political scam:

"We know that Pat Quinn would not have won the last election if it hadn't had have been for him using $50-Million in taxpayer money to fund a slush fund to push voter turnout in Chicago."

But before Brady can take on the Governor this year, he must win the Republican primary. Kirk Dillard, Dan Rutherford, and Bruce Raunder are also seeking the GOP nomination. Brady calls himself a reliable Repbulican who's consistent on pro-life and 2nd Ammendment issues.

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