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Access And Cost Issues In Bloomington Modified Ward Vote

Tue, 11 Mar 2014 16:02:41 CDT
By: Willis Kern

Access And Cost Issues In Bloomington Modified Ward Vote
Opinions on the impact of changing Bloomington's ward system of government vary widely. Current Alderman Rob Fazzini, who is backing a measure on next week's ballot modifying the system by reducing the number of aldermen and adding at-large members says the plan give greater citizen access to aldermen. But Jack Porter with the group Commmittee for Responsive Government says just the opposite will occur. The two appeared on GLT's Sound Ideas.

FAZZINI: "So, now instead of electing one person, every citizen has a say in electing four." PORTER: "It dilutes the vote of people in neighborhoods and minority groups."

Porter also says the amount of money needed to win a citywide election would price out many lower-income office seekers. Fazzini says councilmembers in neighboring Normal, who are elected citywide, spend less than Bloomington's ward representatives. Voters are being asked if Bloomington should have fewer wards with three at-large members. You can hear the entire discussion on Bloomington's modified ward system.


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