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US Rep Davis Backs Term Limits...Sort Of

Mon, 10 Mar 2014 17:19:22 CDT
By: IPR's Hannah Meisel

US Rep Davis Backs Term Limits...Sort Of
Calls to insitute term limits in Illinois have gained traction in the race for governor, helped along by a well-funded campaign that seeks to limit how long politicians can serve in the state legislature. A freshman Congressman says he supports the effort, but only to a degree. IPR's Hannah Meisel explains.


Congressman Rodney Davis says he has not yet signed the petition that calls for limiting members of the Illinois General Assembly to eight year terms. But he says that he would.   Davis, a Republican from Taylorville, says he also backs term limits for Congress, at least in concept. But he says he will not set a self-imposed term limit on his time in Washington.

"Unfortunately, what's happened is there have been so many good legislators that have had self-imposed term limits and they leave, or they break their pledge. The problems in Washington are caused by those who have been there and have no intention of ever leaving."

Rep. Davis faces two opponents in next week's primary, including former Miss America Erika Harold, now a lawyer in Urbana. Harold has previously stated her support for term limits. There's also a three way race in the Democratic primary for the 13th District, which touches Bloomington, Champaign, Decatur, Springfield and Collinsville. The Illinois proposal for term limits in the General Assembly would require amending the state's constitution, a question that could be put to voters in November.

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