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Normal's Renewable Energy Efforts Cited As Model

Fri, 07 Mar 2014 13:39:41 CST
By: Willis Kern

Normal's Renewable Energy Efforts Cited As Model
Efforts by the town of Normal are among the reasons Illinois leads the nation when it comes to switching to renewable energy. Normal is one of 91 Illinois communities providing 100% renewable energy, either by buying it directly or buying credits that help fund renewable energy development. Town of Normal Councilman Kevin McCarthy says in addition to helping the environment, municipal aggregation has economic benefits.

"There are in increasing number of employees seeking to expand in communities that embrace sustainable and renewable practices, and there's even a growing number of employees for which sustainable green practices are high priorities for where they choose to live and work."

The renewable energy credits report comes from national and state environmental groups, including the World Wildlife Fund and the Chicago-based Environmental Law & Policy Center. The report says 600 Illinois communities are opting to buy their own electricity, rather than relying on a central purchasing agency.

Pictured: Town of Normal Councilman Kevin McCarthy, flanked left to right by Rep. Dan Brady (R-IL 105th); David Loomis- Director, Center for Renewable Energy; U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)


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