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Congress Hears From Mayor Of Normal On Transportation

Thu, 27 Feb 2014 08:57:44 CST
By: Hanna Gutmann

With the federal government fund that provides money for road building, repairs and transportation projects set to run dry by September, sympathetic members of Congress held a panel discussion to highlight the importance of transportation funding. WGLT's Washington Correspondent, Hanna Gutmann reports Normal's Mayor was a key speaker.

Normal mayor Chris Koos testified his city was dependent upon nearly almost $33-Million in federal grants, in addition to more than $13-Million in state and local contributions to make the Uptown Station project a reality. He told congress without adequate federal transportation money, other communities will not be able to duplicate Normal's long term economic and transportation development.
"Local governments are simply not equipped to take on these major transportation initiatives by themselves. Strong and consistent federal support, in partnership with state and local investment and in partnership with the private sector is essential to effectively addressing our nation's transportation infrastructure needs."

With the surface transportation trust fund about to run out of money, congress is trying to justify renew transportation funding   They're pointing to Normal's success in making their case.

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