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Elgin Sweeper Turns 100

Mon, 24 Feb 2014 07:05:27 CST
By: AP

Elgin Sweeper Turns 100 A suburban Chicago company that builds street sweepers is marking a century in the business. The Elgin Sweeper was honored by the city council earlier this month.   John Murphy started the company in 1913 when first he tested an "auto-street-sweeper" on Walnut Avenue in Elgin. Street cleaners with names like "Broom Badger" and "Road Wizard" are now used in 90 countries around the world. Today, the company employs about 350 people. It's the second largest company of its kind worldwide. Mike Higgins is the general manager for Elgin Sweeper. He says the company makes a lot of its own parts, and most of the machines are made in Elgin. The company touts its sweepers as the "toughest," and "most rugged" on the market.

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