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Lawmaker Proposes Smoking Ban For Cars With Kids

Tue, 18 Feb 2014 16:28:03 CST
By: AP

An Illinois lawmaker wants to make it illegal for motorists to smoke in cars with children. State Sen. Ira Silverstein says second-hand smoke in confined areas is dangerous for children. The Chicago Democrat argued to a Senate committee today that it's a relevant problem because other states are considering the same proposal. Under the bill, violators would be fined a maximum of $100, but police couldn't pull them over only for smoking with children. Kathy Drea is a vice president for the American Lung Association in Illinois. She says the law is about education, not punishment. She says it's one way to help children. She admits there's no ``silver bullet'' to preventing tobacco use. Some committee members questioned whether this proposal significantly reduces a child's overall exposure to second-hand smoke.

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